Donor Gifts University $60 Million for Baseball Stadium

Yes you have heard right. An anonymous donor family has given Binghamton University a donation of 60 million dollars to make a baseball stadium in their University. This will help the university to expand its popularity as well as profile nationwide. The university is located in the northeastern US. The baseball stadium belongs to the college and it’s student while the funding will be given by the anonymous donor.

More about the donation

The university belongs to the State University of New York system. It is one of the well-known universities in the north-east US. It is known for its academic strength all over the northeastern US. Now, after they have received a huge donation from an anonymous donor to build a baseball stadium they will know become the university that can hold a tournament between colleges in their own stadium. This will lift their status in the New York system as well as they will get new fame as well.

University started a 7-year fundraising campaign. This donation is the result of this campaign. This was the highest donation this university has achieved in the last 74 years. The donation was announced on the 11th of Feb. The donation in the university has increased and alumni have also donated money for their university. In the last 2 years university has received a donation of almost 14 million dollars. This type of donation has only received only 4 times since their establishment in 1946 to 2018.

“It’s a world-class academic institution. We strive in every area of this university to be the best that we can be,” said Pat Elliot, Binghamton’s athletic director. “ For us to be able to get into the postseason, and win championships, and into the national tournament, that raises the profile of all of our teams, of all of our programs” and also gets “ the Binghamton University name out there nationally.”

How this donation will be beneficial for the university

The donation given to make a baseball stadium will increase their status, they can now organize baseball league at the university level, they can also get external league matches in their stadium and many more things can happen when they will make their own baseball stadium.

Kristina Johnson, chancellor of the SUNY system said that this 60 million dollars donation is the second biggest donation given to any SUNY campus. She also added that the system was not funded by any private source earlier so, they decided to enrich their college funds with the money by philanthropy. Thus will make their college systematic and will gain some popularity among other SUNY colleges.

How people reacted

The response was majorly positive while some of the reactions were negative as well as some of them was like a suggestion about how they can spend their 60 million dollars donation.

Many claimed that the baseball stadium university already has received around 2.3 million dollars in order to give it a new look while there is no such thing have noted until now. This is like allegations on the authority of this university. Some have given congratulations to the university to receive such a large donation. They said that this will help the university to promote the athleticism in the students of the colleges.

Students will now get involved in this sport when they will see such a beautiful ground with people playing in it. For suggestions, many people suggested that more and more money should be spent on the mental health issues of the students. They can also spend money in order to reduce the burden of student loan from the students, tuition discounts, scholarship and many more things they can do with 60 million dollars rather than building a baseball stadium while already having one.

How this is going to help their baseball team

All the college have their own teams of different sports they play. Binghamton University also have their sports teams. Binghamton’s baseball team is one of them. They are well known for their play. The baseball team is the most successful team among all the sports teams Binghamton University have. In last 13 years the Binghamton University baseball team has won 10 America East conference regular and postseason titles, the data was given by the university’s online announcement of the donation. This says that the team have a great potential and can do much better in future also. Having a new stadium with new features and a good ground will help them to practice much more efficiently.

The team have made their place 3 times since 2013 in NCAA regional competition. The player has received many medals and trophies as well. Many of the team members have gone on to the major leagues and many alumni of the baseball team have also made it to the major leagues in the last 8 years.…