Preserving At-Risk Public Universities as Economic Engines

State appropriations for the purpose of subsidization of higher studies was on the basis of enrollments universities are going through has been redeployed again.

All the public colleges and universities have gained some support from the state in order to subsidize higher education for the people of their State. This will help the students to study freely and tension free. In this, the tuition costs are reduced to make it much more affordable. This is happening from many years ago. States set aside some amount of money for different purposes and this money is called appropriations. Similarly, money set aside to spend on education is called educational appropriations.

What are the issues with public colleges and universities

The educational appropriations have been reduced and are declining year after year very significantly. What happened at the root level is that the enrollment of students have increased after 2013 very significantly. The state has not kept that pace and there is a reduction in educational appropriations. This has led the public colleges and universities to increase their tuition fees to balance these changes.

The things get even worse due to demographic changes. Due to which there is a significant decrease in the number of people who are of college-age. This has reduced enrollment and hence state fundings. This has increased the work of elected officials. The officials are now more concerned about the universities, jobs, and education of the people.

Effect of this drastic change

Due to the decline in enrolment, the state will now give their funding according to the extent of enrollments in colleges and universities. The step was taken to conserve the traditional colleges and universities at risk.

All this is happening at the time when there is an increase in the number of students who are going to get their degree. To make teachers available for such a large number of students colleges and universities are hiring additional external personnel. This has increased the expenses of the colleges and universities and to cope up with this they have increased the tuition fees to a great extent. Students have to take debt for their study and that’s why the United States has been going through such a student loan crisis.

Public higher education boards

All this has created a dilemma for the officials of public higher education boards who wanted to get better educational outcomes also at the same time want to make education much more affordable. To solve their dilemma, boards have to wrestle with the demands of elected officials to make the struggling colleges and universities even more established once again. They are very important for the state as they are the economic engines for the community of the state.

To cope up with these drastic changes, State boards have to increase the subsidy for the colleges and universities going through the tuition fees revenue loss due to enrolment decrease, for the colleges and universities which had increased the tuition fees, they have to make a stop at the increasing tution fees to resolve their dilemma. There are lot of pressure on the public higher education boards to solve this national problem which is harming their own students which will surely affect the nation. This had led the students to quit their full-time study and they are now working part-time so that they can earn some money to pay the student loan which is increasing day by day. The situation is getting worsen and there is still no legal actionable have taken place as such.

That’s why the state boards have decided to give their state appropriations according to the extent of enrollments. Thus will solve the problem a bit but not for long. Thye have to come up with a new idea to take out the nation from this serious situation. This has clearly shifted the purpose of the funding. Before, the fund was given such that more and more students can enroll and get their degree but now the purpose is to save the job rather than educating students.

Boards have to take some serious steps to solve their dilemma. Students are now suffering from the loan crisis which had increased the difficulty in the student’s life. Officials have to ensure that every student get their education but they shouldn’t be working while studying just to make sure that their peaked tution fees are done.

Students who work so hard to complete their education to serve their nation and family need some help of the government also. Legislation can also help the educational institutions so that they do no increase the tuition fees. Students who is determined to serve the country deserve nothing less as they are going to be the future of our nation and we would love to have a great nation.…

Know Your Students

When a teacher starts teaching they first try to tell about the topic in such a way that the students grasp it quickly. They try to make it more logical so that students can relate to it and will remember things for a long time. In the very first step, the teacher starts with the contents and makes it easy for the students to understanding then after this, they take the help of technology to clarify more and more to the students. They try very hard to make things and topics understandable for each and every student. But, what they forget is very common and one of the important foundational steps in the process, to get to know the students who have enrolled before and those for whom we are designing the class. This is the step which needs to be understood and formalized so that each and every student can perform well in it’s studies as well as in its sport.

As the time goes, the goals, characteristics, knowledge, aspirations all the things change over time for each and every student. Students from different countries, difficult backgrounds came to get knowledge and to complete their studies in a college or school where there are students of different backgrounds and different countries sit together in a classroom. This class, having students from different parts, speaker of different languages, show much wider diversity and hence makes teaching a tough task for the teacher. You have to work hard to understand each and every student as they belong to very different backgrounds and you have to work hard to understand how they think, how they can easily be able to grasps what you trying to teach them quickly. 

Teacher should monitor their each and every student so that teacher can understand their students well. This will help the teacher to make a good bond with students. The teacher can now be able to make their students understand what he actually trying to teach them and if one of them did not get it and teacher know that student then it will be easy for them to find a way through which the teacher can easily help the student to understand. 

How Harvard deals with their students

The main thing is to understand their students and their background as quickly as possible. This will help the teacher to start the class efficiently and students will take more out of it as the session ends. Harvard Business School has started a new idea. Using this method they have jumped a step further to understand each and every student. They have started card things. For the teachers who teach students online, they have started giving them cards. This card holds the details of every student who will take lessons online from that particular teacher who has cards. The card includes students’ every detail. It has a photo, name pronunciation, educational background, work experience, demographic data, and extracurricular interests of different students in different cards.

Teachers study these details very carefully and understand it. They do this work before they start their teaching session. By doing these things a teacher can make a stronger familiarity with the students they are going to teach. They can now what students have in mind about the course and what they are willing to get through this class and what are their perspectives and expectations from this course and session. This gives detailed data of the student’s mind to the teacher. Now, the teacher will be able to make things more understandable for their students as now they know what and how their students can relate to the topic they are studying.

What should a teacher have to do to familiarise with their students

Collecting data about their students is very important for every teacher. Before they start their session they can make detailed data about each and every student they are going to teach. Sometimes what happens is that some students enroll themselves even after the session has started. So, what the teacher has to do is to make data about their interest and their perspective also. They should not have to leave those students as they are also going to be the care taker of their class.

Teachers have to do research about the careers their students can choose from. The teacher has to make things much easier to understand. There are some students who are very clear about their study and their goals. The teacher can do their work accordingly. This will take time and the teacher have to maintain calm and peace. They should not have to be hard for their students and especially when they are going through a bad phase. The teaching process should be easy and understandable for each and every student. This will strengthen the bind of students with the teacher.…

Donor Gifts University $60 Million for Baseball Stadium

Yes you have heard right. An anonymous donor family has given Binghamton University a donation of 60 million dollars to make a baseball stadium in their University. This will help the university to expand its popularity as well as profile nationwide. The university is located in the northeastern US. The baseball stadium belongs to the college and it’s student while the funding will be given by the anonymous donor.

More about the donation

The university belongs to the State University of New York system. It is one of the well-known universities in the north-east US. It is known for its academic strength all over the northeastern US. Now, after they have received a huge donation from an anonymous donor to build a baseball stadium they will know become the university that can hold a tournament between colleges in their own stadium. This will lift their status in the New York system as well as they will get new fame as well.

University started a 7-year fundraising campaign. This donation is the result of this campaign. This was the highest donation this university has achieved in the last 74 years. The donation was announced on the 11th of Feb. The donation in the university has increased and alumni have also donated money for their university. In the last 2 years university has received a donation of almost 14 million dollars. This type of donation has only received only 4 times since their establishment in 1946 to 2018.

“It’s a world-class academic institution. We strive in every area of this university to be the best that we can be,” said Pat Elliot, Binghamton’s athletic director. “ For us to be able to get into the postseason, and win championships, and into the national tournament, that raises the profile of all of our teams, of all of our programs” and also gets “ the Binghamton University name out there nationally.”

How this donation will be beneficial for the university

The donation given to make a baseball stadium will increase their status, they can now organize baseball league at the university level, they can also get external league matches in their stadium and many more things can happen when they will make their own baseball stadium.

Kristina Johnson, chancellor of the SUNY system said that this 60 million dollars donation is the second biggest donation given to any SUNY campus. She also added that the system was not funded by any private source earlier so, they decided to enrich their college funds with the money by philanthropy. Thus will make their college systematic and will gain some popularity among other SUNY colleges.

How people reacted

The response was majorly positive while some of the reactions were negative as well as some of them was like a suggestion about how they can spend their 60 million dollars donation.

Many claimed that the baseball stadium university already has received around 2.3 million dollars in order to give it a new look while there is no such thing have noted until now. This is like allegations on the authority of this university. Some have given congratulations to the university to receive such a large donation. They said that this will help the university to promote the athleticism in the students of the colleges.

Students will now get involved in this sport when they will see such a beautiful ground with people playing in it. For suggestions, many people suggested that more and more money should be spent on the mental health issues of the students. They can also spend money in order to reduce the burden of student loan from the students, tuition discounts, scholarship and many more things they can do with 60 million dollars rather than building a baseball stadium while already having one.

How this is going to help their baseball team

All the college have their own teams of different sports they play. Binghamton University also have their sports teams. Binghamton’s baseball team is one of them. They are well known for their play. The baseball team is the most successful team among all the sports teams Binghamton University have. In last 13 years the Binghamton University baseball team has won 10 America East conference regular and postseason titles, the data was given by the university’s online announcement of the donation. This says that the team have a great potential and can do much better in future also. Having a new stadium with new features and a good ground will help them to practice much more efficiently.

The team have made their place 3 times since 2013 in NCAA regional competition. The player has received many medals and trophies as well. Many of the team members have gone on to the major leagues and many alumni of the baseball team have also made it to the major leagues in the last 8 years.…

Hand-Delivered Hate or Free Speech Exercise?

Hands of the administration of the university is tied legally said by University of Louisville. They cannot stop a student to distribute anti-LGBTQ literature to LGBTQ students directly.

The incident took place inside the campus and it was so shocking for all the students. The university claim to be available and equal for all the students irrespective of their sexuality. The incident took place was anti-gay and students get stunned after listening about this incident happened in their university.

The university has maintained a good status among the students for being welcoming to the students of all sexual identity. One of the students opened about its sexual identity before said that the incident was horrible. He came to this college and was proud that he can now tell the world about his sexual identity but the incidents have made a bad impact on his mind.

What was the incident

All this started when a guy came into the campus. The class was going on and the teacher was teaching an introduction to LGBTQ. This guy just came in class and started the distribution of a pamphlet. The pamphlet was about of 30 pages. He gave a pamphlet on every desk. The pamphlet was said to be published by the Christian organization Living Waters. One of the students said that the pamphlet has a title on it named “God and sexuality”.

The book has words which says that being gay is like a person sitting in a car on the railway track and the train is coming but you do not know it. This somehow tells that being gay is dangerous. The incident have shaken all the gay students as they have never thought this type of things can happen in this university.

The guy who have distributed the pamphlet was not even enrolled in the university and came around 20 minute before starting of the class. When he is done he was just gone in the hall. The administration said that the guy can not be stopped to enter in the class and distribute a literature among students. They can not do anything to the guy if he somehow return again and distributed the same pamphlet again, this statement from the officials have also worried the students more than the incident.

How safe student feels in university

As the university have maintained a good and decent status among the students belong to LGBTQ community, it has some fringe elements also. Trans community have to deal with those kind of person in a regular manner. One of the student also claimed that they feel targeted and uncomfortable in the classroom. Students wait outside and stalks on them and waited for class to end.

Many students have lifted this issue in front of administration but they are showing no response in favour of the worried students. One of the officials also said that according to Kentucky law and university’s policy a student have right to came in class but, he should not disturb the class and have freedom of speech and can express himself in front of other fellows. The administrative staff also added that the literature doesn’t spread any kind of hate or discrimination against LGBTQ community.

Aftermath of the incident

The incident have set up a fear in the LGBTQ community students. They are now more worried and alarmed that they are not safe here and people’s thoughts have also frightened them. From the university administration, a police man has been appointed which stay outside the class where an introduction to LGBTQ studies taught.

This incident has attracted may eyes and many official people also. The incident have spread already in many areas as it was very rare at the University of Louisville. The hate and discrimination for the LGBTQ community have come from the outside as it is not present inside the campus boundary but, it is present already outside the college campus among the people. Many believe that being gay is not good and not natural. A marriage can only happen between a man and a woman. Marriage of man with a man is not acceptable.

The authority of rights of people said that the freedom of speech is allowed in the classroom but for the purpose of discussion only and it should not affect any student’s identity in any way. If a person repeatedly saying hateful words or doing bad things for a certain student than it will be considered as harassment and will be held by the law.

Louisville’s code of conduct also says that the organization or student’s union should not interfere with the administrative work in any way.

Whatever happened, should be treated with care and a good step should be taken by the officials in order to maintain the status of University of Louisville as was before.…