Know Your Students

When a teacher starts teaching they first try to tell about the topic in such a way that the students grasp it quickly. They try to make it more logical so that students can relate to it and will remember things for a long time. In the very first step, the teacher starts with the contents and makes it easy for the students to understanding then after this, they take the help of technology to clarify more and more to the students. They try very hard to make things and topics understandable for each and every student. But, what they forget is very common and one of the important foundational steps in the process, to get to know the students who have enrolled before and those for whom we are designing the class. This is the step which needs to be understood and formalized so that each and every student can perform well in it’s studies as well as in its sport.

As the time goes, the goals, characteristics, knowledge, aspirations all the things change over time for each and every student. Students from different countries, difficult backgrounds came to get knowledge and to complete their studies in a college or school where there are students of different backgrounds and different countries sit together in a classroom. This class, having students from different parts, speaker of different languages, show much wider diversity and hence makes teaching a tough task for the teacher. You have to work hard to understand each and every student as they belong to very different backgrounds and you have to work hard to understand how they think, how they can easily be able to grasps what you trying to teach them quickly. 

Teacher should monitor their each and every student so that teacher can understand their students well. This will help the teacher to make a good bond with students. The teacher can now be able to make their students understand what he actually trying to teach them and if one of them did not get it and teacher know that student then it will be easy for them to find a way through which the teacher can easily help the student to understand. 

How Harvard deals with their students

The main thing is to understand their students and their background as quickly as possible. This will help the teacher to start the class efficiently and students will take more out of it as the session ends. Harvard Business School has started a new idea. Using this method they have jumped a step further to understand each and every student. They have started card things. For the teachers who teach students online, they have started giving them cards. This card holds the details of every student who will take lessons online from that particular teacher who has cards. The card includes students’ every detail. It has a photo, name pronunciation, educational background, work experience, demographic data, and extracurricular interests of different students in different cards.

Teachers study these details very carefully and understand it. They do this work before they start their teaching session. By doing these things a teacher can make a stronger familiarity with the students they are going to teach. They can now what students have in mind about the course and what they are willing to get through this class and what are their perspectives and expectations from this course and session. This gives detailed data of the student’s mind to the teacher. Now, the teacher will be able to make things more understandable for their students as now they know what and how their students can relate to the topic they are studying.

What should a teacher have to do to familiarise with their students

Collecting data about their students is very important for every teacher. Before they start their session they can make detailed data about each and every student they are going to teach. Sometimes what happens is that some students enroll themselves even after the session has started. So, what the teacher has to do is to make data about their interest and their perspective also. They should not have to leave those students as they are also going to be the care taker of their class.

Teachers have to do research about the careers their students can choose from. The teacher has to make things much easier to understand. There are some students who are very clear about their study and their goals. The teacher can do their work accordingly. This will take time and the teacher have to maintain calm and peace. They should not have to be hard for their students and especially when they are going through a bad phase. The teaching process should be easy and understandable for each and every student. This will strengthen the bind of students with the teacher.…